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“I Am Setsuna” is a heartfelt RPG that follows a mercenary and a young girl on a poignant journey to a distant land, filled with turn-based battles and a melancholic atmosphere reminiscent of classic JRPGs.”

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“I Am Setsuna” is a captivating role-playing video game developed by Tokyo RPG Factory and published by Square Enix. Released in 2016, the game is known for its nostalgic homage to classic RPGs while introducing its own unique elements. Set in a beautifully melancholic world, the game weaves a tale of sacrifice, emotion, and adventure.

The story centers around a young and skilled mercenary named Endir, who is tasked with a somber mission: to escort a young girl named Setsuna to a distant land where she is to be offered as a sacrificial tribute to appease malevolent creatures threatening their world. Setsuna, chosen for her innate power, embraces her fate with grace, yet her journey is not a solitary one. As they travel together, Endir and Setsuna gather a diverse group of characters, each with their own motivations and struggles.

The gameplay mechanics of “I Am Setsuna” pay homage to classic JRPGs, drawing inspiration from titles like “Chrono Trigger.” The battle system is a turn-based affair, allowing for strategic planning and execution. However, what sets the game apart is the use of the “ATB (Active Time Battle) System,” which emphasizes timing and coordination to unleash powerful combination attacks.

Graphically, the game employs a distinctive art style that combines traditional 3D environments with character designs reminiscent of Japanese role-playing games of the past. This visual choice adds a layer of charm and warmth to the game’s emotional narrative.

One of the most notable aspects of “I Am Setsuna” is its evocative and melancholic musical score composed by Tomoki Miyoshi. The piano-centric melodies perfectly capture the game’s emotional weight, enhancing the overall atmosphere and lending a sense of depth to the characters’ experiences.

“I Am Setsuna” excels in crafting a bittersweet narrative that explores themes of sacrifice, friendship, and the human condition. As players guide Endir and Setsuna on their poignant journey, they’ll not only uncover the mysteries of the world but also forge a deep connection with the characters and their shared destiny.

In summary, “I Am Setsuna” is a captivating RPG that combines traditional elements with modern design sensibilities. Its touching story, nostalgic visuals, and hauntingly beautiful soundtrack make for an experience that resonates with players seeking both a classic RPG adventure and a heartfelt tale of sacrifice and redemption.

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